5 Favorites #76: 5 Favorite Franchises

Every week, we’ll pose a new “five favorites” question. You just list your five favorites that fit in that category (preferably in preference order) and you’re welcome to discuss and debate the selections and see just how much you do or do not have in common with others. If you want to take a look back at our past articles to comment or enjoy, here is a post set aside to track all of our articles.

There are any number of film franchises and they aren’t a new phenomenon (just look at the Gold Digger series). So, what are your five favorite film franchises. There must be at leas 3 films in the franchise for it to count.

What are your 5 Favorite film franchises?


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  1. Peter J Patrick

    Charlie Chan
    The Thin Man
    The Godfather
    Indiana Jones

  2. The Godfather
    Lord of the Rings
    Harry Potter

  3. Ahh too many, so I’m going to cheat by doing two lists.

    Older Franchises:

    The Thin Man
    Frankenstein (Universal)
    Dracula (Hammer)
    Indiana Jones
    Die Hard


    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings

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