History Consolidation

A lot of things change. I made promises back in September regarding the information to be updated in this section of the site. Unfortunately, many other items have gotten in the way and I've been woefully under-updating this section.

While I can't promise the level of updates to this section as I have others, I do plan on updating these pages a little more frequently. The first step in updating is this area you see before you. I have consolidated the Site History and Awards History sections together. They both seemed to have crossed purposes. Therefore, I have brought them together in one page.

The new Oscar History page will be where each year's Academy Awards data will be stored. While it contains information only from the 69th awards through the 79th awards, it will be slowly increasing. The reason for those areas being there is that those are the pages containing my site's history. While the Academy Awards have been around 79 years this year, my site has not. Now, the 69th through 79th awards years will still hold the same data as before (my predictions, foreign film submissions, etc.). In addition, new sections will be popping up covering the ceremonies themselevs (along with the nomination presentations).

The Precursors area will be getting more attention when the precursor awards actually begin issuing. That means that with each new precursor the associated organization page should be updated. It will hopefully contain data for the last few years and, time willing, also the statistics.

The Awards section will also slowly fill with data on the last 79 years of Oscar nominees and winners. While I had not planned on returning them to their former position on the site, I have had time to think and, though I won't likely get to them this Oscar season, I will get to them as soon as possible.

History Area Update

This week brings an end to a two-week project. To the right, you will now notice one major difference. It's not that the 79th Academy Awards area is up but rather it is a symbol that captures the essence of my changes.

Typically, every May, as noted below, I collate all of my awards year data into one page for easy access. From this point forward, any updates will take place right on the page so you can always have an easy place to access the various aspects of the awards year.

Every Academy Awards page from last year's 78th Academy Awards back to the 69th Annual (when I first began recording such information) have been totally updated to match the design style of the entire website.

The 79th page only contains one item, my annual Hopefuls list cataloguing the various competitions as they develop over the year. August already saw a slight update but September's list will find a much larger set of changes as many of the fall's big Oscar contenders emerge from the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals. We've already seen the works by David Lynch falter while movies that were mere blips months ago solidify into bigger contenders.

78th Collection

Around May of each year, I start collecting all of the content posted over the last year and create individual pages for each year's ceremony. WIth the 78th section, I complete my 10th such section.

See a compilation of the precursor awards, foreign film submissions, Hopefuls, Predictions and more at the link below.



Site Awards

In February, cinemasight.com was awarded with the Online Film & Television Association award for Best Personal Film Website. In the eight years the award has been given out, cinemasight.com has won three times with a fourth mention for our Discussion Board. The UAADB (Unofficial Academy Awards Discussion Board) received separate nominations five times while cinemasight.com received six nominations.

Directors Guild of America Headquarters

Upcoming Updates

Late last year, I introduced a new section focusing on side-by-side comparisons of the various precursor awards and the Academy Awards. It was very well received and, throughout this year, I will be improving and expanding this section.

In addition, I'll be looking to add even more content to this section of my website. In addition to the current offering of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Presidents, we'll be looking at more information about various guilds, such as the Directors Guild of America (headquarters pictured at left), Screen Actors Guild and other organizations.

But it won't end there. Look for updates that include past Oscar Hosts and Presenters, show dates and other information about the Academy Awards themselves.

I'll also try and tempt some of my friends around the 'net to contribute some content. Who those friends are and what they might contribute is my secret for now, but keep an eye out for other intriguing changes throughout the year.

Past Predictions

With this years Academy Awards done and over with, it's time to take a look back at my prediction success rate. I've updated both pages of prediction information. My nominations predictions saw a downturn (4th worst) while my winner predictions saw an increase (3rd best).

Award Prediction Success Rate
Nod Prediction Success Rate