Short Documentary Finalists

The Motion Picture Academy announced today the eight films competing for the Documentary Short Subject award at the 80th Academy Awards. From these eight, listed in the Hopefuls section for the 80th Oscars, three to five nominees will be selected.

More New Hopefuls

After seeing the trailer for Atonement, I believe it very well could be this year's big Oscar winner. It's right up Oscar's alley and with the similarities in style to Out of Africa and The English Patient, we could see a huge day.

Nominees and Winners Updated

One of the first major updates in some time, I've finally updated the Winners and Nominations pages for every year of the last 79 Oscars. Other pages are not updated yet, though links still exist. Please be patient and more updates will be forthcoming.

New Section

So as not to create confusion, I'm posting this update to let you know how to find everything now that The Oscars section has been revamped and re-organized.

Oscars By Year: The most comprehensive section of the site. This will feature an annual look at each Academy Awards race including presenters (if there were any), information on the ceremony, a full list of winners and nominees, and for more recent years, my person take and information on the Academy Awards. This will specifically include every page I've ever created providing information on the Oscar competition each year. This site's information goes all the way back to 1996.

Statistics: Want to know who the most nominated person in Oscar history is or other mundane and interesting facts about the Academy Awards? This is the place to find that info.

The People: Contained here is an alphabetical list of every person ever nominated for an Academy Awards. This data will be broken out in a number of ways, giving you a better understanding of how your favorites stack up historically.

The Films: Similar to The People section, this area provides an alphabetical list of every film that ever received an Oscar nomination. The list is extensive, so it will be broken out as appropriate.

Precursors: Those special awards that often act as bellwethers for the Oscar race deserve separate attention. This area will focus on each of the major precursors (expanding slowly over time) and their history in comparison to Oscar.

Presidents: This section will list the current and past Presidents of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Should I ever lay my hands on some rather crucial records, this section would be expanded to cover who made up the Board of Governors as well.

Prediction Success: This section will feature my history as an Oscar prognosticator in handy statistical form. This includes both nomination and winner predictions.

Everything you might have ever wanted to know. Not really, for new ideas pop into my head frequently of new content I'd like to include. Patience is a virtue and some day it will all be contained, but if you have suggestions or corrections, please feel free to use the Contact link at the bottom of this page.