Preview: Nim's Island (2008)

  • Poster: C+


Overflowing with images that represent the film, the poster for Nim's Island is too chaotic. The colors are too distinctly separated, though it does give a light and airy impression that may be well suited to the film's subject.

  • Trailer: B; C


There's something very interesting bubbling under this film. While Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin look fairly innocuous, Jodie Foster looks like fun. She doesn't often let herself go in comic roles, preferring tortured ones, so this departure looks very promising.

This new trailer is a departure from the first, suggesting an entirely different plot than the first. I'm inclined to believe the first trailer is the correct plot, which not only makes more sense, it makes it seem more like a good picture. It's clear the makers are afraid their initial offering wouldn't bring in viewers, but this new trailer isn't even remotely as enticing.

Oscar Prospects:

While the film might be fun, I don't think the Academy will take a family adventure film in the visual style of Jumanji seriously, but Jodie Foster could be a surprise Best Actress nominee if the Academy can get past their bias against these kinds of films.

Release Date:

  • April 4, 2008

Full Review Synopsis:

I have not seen this film.