Preview: A Single Man (2009)


An English professor must move on after the death of his partner only to discover it isn't that simple.

  • Poster: C+; B


It's a little too simple, though it conjures up images of the period in which the film is set.

Classic. Simple. Evocative. Whereas the first poster was a bit too minimal, this one strikes the right balance. It has an artistic sensibility in its layout and design while the choice of subject positioning helps elevate it further.

  • Trailer: A-


Carefully evoking the era in which it's set, the trailer avoids the typical clichés focusing in on the decadance and sadness of Colin Firth's character without going into grand detail or being overly forward.

Oscar Prospects:

There is one name that I've heard more often associated with the Best Actor race this year than any other. Colin Firth is almost guaranteed a nomination at this point, but the film itself is picking up heavy buzz which could result in more than just a couple of acting nominations.

Release Date:

  • December 11, 2009