Preview: True Grit (2010)


To avenge her father's murder, a young orphan seeks out a legendary sheriff to help her track down his killer.

  • Poster: C+; C+; B- (5)


While I expected the wild west motif of a wanted poster (not just wanted posters, but most people only recognize the font and design as such), but there is no image and just facing the title and stars alone isn't exactly going to draw people to the film.

I'm not going to give a letter grade bump to a poster that is nearly identical to the prior. A few minor changes, such as the light landscape at the bottom, some font size adjustments and coloration changes and the removal of a bullet hole with blood oozing out. It's not much of an improvement.

And here we have examples of character posters that work to a point. The overall design work is strong, though the carried-over font design doesn't work well for me. Still, they are more impressive than the first two posters, which may be why I'm giving them such leeway.

  • Trailer: B-; C+


If westerns are your thing, this will be a very appealing trailer. Limited in violence, but full of interesting visuals, the preview should appeal to the Coen Bros. faithful as well as old time western enthusiasts. The younger and middle age audience may not be such an easy sale, however.

If the teaser didn't tickle the fancies of plenty a western lover, this one most certainly will. It's got all the hallmarks of a classic western, but the sound in the trailer is a bit overbearing and Jeff Bridges doesn't look nearly as good as he did in the teaser.

Oscar Prospects:

The Coens should no longer be taken for granted when it comes to Oscar. They managed a writing nomination and a Best Picture nomination last year for one of their minor (at least in terms of box office popularity) efforts. I expect at least that and probably a couple of acting nominations, including a surefire nod for Jeff Bridges.

Release Date:

  • December 22, 2010