Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)


The popular webslinger gets the Hollywood reboot taking us back to Peter Parker's origins.

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You don't need a title with an iconic costume like this. It's too simple, but that won't matter to the legions of fans who are already lining up in their minds to see this one.

It's a bit predictable, but it will be enough to entice fans of the character and the franchise back to the theater.

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While there are aspects of the trailer that annoyed me, there's no denying that this should give fans of the franchise something to look forward to. Extra credit for that fantastic closing sneak of Spider-Man in costume.

This trailer almost makes the series look salvagable. Sure, this is really a reboot and not a sequel, but after the painful third film in the previous trilogy, it's hard to imagine anything making things worse for the character. This one looks exciting. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone seem perfectly suited to the material and we'll even get to grimace at Denis Leary.

Trailer designers for a lot of blockbusters are learning a great deal about compelling an audience to the theater. This selection, apart from the slow opening, develops into a raucous trailer sure to pique the interests of many a comic book fan...and even some of those who aren't.

Oscar Prospects:

Like its predecessors, nominations in the tech categories is about as far as the film will go.

Release Date:

  • July 3, 2012