Preview: Amour (2012)


An aging couple face difficult challenges of love and patience as they combat the fleeting years of their lives.

  • Poster: B-


The simple elegance in a loving caress will play well to seniors facing similar situations, though I'm not sure it can appeal outside of that. It doesn't need to be showy to be a bit more interesting.

  • Trailer: B


I haven't read much about the plot, wanting it to be as fresh when I see it as possible, but the trailer gives subtle hints to the "accident" I saw refernced in the IMDb description. while this trailer won't exactly engage non-standard audiences, film enthusiasts will likely be excited.

Oscar Prospects:

It could receive several nominations. It is Austria's submission to the Academy's Foreign Language Film competition. Haneke's reputation should be an easy sell to voters and the film will likely be nominated. There's also talk of Jean-Louis Trintingnant and Emmanuel Riva getting nominations in the lead categories, but that's a more uphill battle. It could pick up nods in a couple of other categories and Best Picture is not outside the realm of distant probability.

Release Date:

  • December 19, 2012