Preview: The Avengers (2012)


First, there was Iron Man. Then, there was The Incredible Hulk. Next came Thor. And finally, there was Captain America. Now their combined talents are needed. Avengers, assemble!

  • Poster: B


Although it looks an awful lot like the poster for Fantastic Four, most of the fans of the franchise won't have trouble figuring out to which group this one belongs.

  • Trailer: B-; C+


While I think the original Iron Man was a pretty good film, the sequel confirmed for me that Robert Downey Jr.'s schtick was going to get old fast and this trailer simply proves that. We see plenty of images of Thor and Tony Stark and Captain America, we even get a few scenes with Black Widow and Hawkeye, but it isn't until the last couple of seconds that we finally see Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Are they ashamed of their choice? With Mark Ruffalo now in the role, I'm more interested than ever in it, but we'll see how they treat him in the film.

Not that there was much life in the first trailer, but the producers seem to have wrung the vitality out of it. Which leaves us with a husk of a trailer that, while spine-tingly for anyone who has been stoked for the film since the first Iron Man, really isn't that exciting or creative.

Oscar Prospects:

The only categories the film is likely to compete in are Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effeects, but they'll undoubtedly have strong competition next year, which may not bode well for the film's chances.

Release Date:

  • May 4, 2012