Preview: Battleship (2012)


A big screen adaptation of the classic children's game.

  • Poster: (D+); B-


(I get that this is supposed to symbolize a sinking battleship (much like the original design work for the game), but I just can't get that excited about it.)

Now that the first teaser poster is gone, the more interesting one appears. It's still somewhat hokey, but at least it has some thought behind it.

  • Trailer: D-; C


The film may well have sunk itself before it even released. There's not much exciting about this trailer unless you're a pre-pubescent boy or a man-child hoping for the next cross between Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich. There isn't even a hint of a plot. And what is a film of a game like Battleship doing looking like an alien invasion flick?

I'm still trying to get over my initial shock that a boadgame based on a war game is being turned into an alien invasion flick. This second trailer makes this film look like an action-packed joyride for those who like such things. I'd expect it to be huge after this.

Oscar Prospects:

Perhaps some of the tech categories like Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects. However, my guess is that it comes up bankrupt.

Release Date:

  • May 18, 2012