Preview: Being Flynn (2012)


A young author attempts to connect with his deadbeat father who, himself, is an author.

  • Poster: C


Attempting to make the characters indistinct doesn't really sell the film and while I could hazard a guess that they are trying to blur the lines between father and son with the design, that might just be me projecting what I think it should be and not what it really is.

  • Trailer: B


The trailer is a bit erratic, confusing its potential audience with its attempts to seem edgy and original. First draw your audience in and then give them the edge!

Oscar Prospects:

Paul Weitz is no Oscar stranger but he hasn't had an Oscar nominated film since About a Boy a decade ago. So far the film has gotten good buzz, but will it be enough to carry it into Oscar season in 8 months? I doubt it, though Robert De Niro could stick around if nothing else.

Release Date:

  • March 2, 2012