Preview: The Bourne Legacy (2012)


(Jason Bourne gets a new image and a new least this version of him.

  • Poster: B


Taking its inspiration from the disjointed early imagery from the trailer, the poster gets most of the details right and has no problem showing us the face of their new Bourne.

  • Trailer: A / B


It's not a common design choice for trailers, but the early scenes in the trailer as a disjointed personality is slowly rebuilt into a new identity, we're then thrown full on into an exciting trailer showing us that life after Matt Damon won't be so unpleasant after all.

I like disjointed trailers that keep you guessing about the film it teases. I don't particulary enjoy trailers that give too much of the plot away. This is the perfect example of how a great trailer can be scrubbed down for general audiences without retaining the neat and original design of the original. Still, it looks like it could be good fun, which is why I didn't lower it's rating farther.

Oscar Prospects:

The prior films have been nominees in Editing, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, so I'd consider this film as a potential nominee there as well.

Release Date:

  • August 10, 2012