Preview: Brave (2012)


A Scottish fairy tale about a brave young girl.

  • Poster: B+


It's a very beautiful poster. While it doesn't completely conjure the beauty of Scotland, it's a fine specimen with elements of magic and suspense.

  • Trailer: B-; B; B


The narration feels a bit clunky and some of the animation is a bit dry, but it certainly looks a more pleasing spectacle than the trailer for Cars 2 was.

Now that we finally have more to go on, this looks like a much more insightful film and, on top of that, we're verging into traditional Disney territory with a heroine-based fantasy adventure, something Pixar hasn't really gone for in the past. Results may vary, but we'll hope it's up to the peak of their history and not the nadir.

It's not a trailer, it's a clip. However, they still shipped it with several films including Disney's own John Carter. So, reviewing it as a trailer itself would be pointless, though it's a rather compelling scene from the film that easily establishes our heroine and the type of film we're about to see, so it works.

Oscar Prospects:

Solid. After the misfire of Cars 2, it's hard not to think Pixar might finally diminish in strength, but this could easily raise them back to prominence.

Release Date:

  • June 22, 2012