Preview: Bully (2012)


A documentary about the epidemic of bullying in public schools and the fight to bring awareness to it and hopefully bring it to an end.

  • Poster: C+


Even the taunts scraped into the word bully don't do much to improve the overall blandness of the poster. I suppose without getting graphic or sappy, this is the best they could come up with, but it probably won't do much.

  • Trailer: B


Harvey Weinstein's struggle to overturn an R-rating for this film seems to fly in the face of efforts to bring this type of film to others' attentions. The trailer doesn't really suggest much in the way of violence or language, and the fact that the language is likely coming from the kids themselves is further evidence why parents need to watch this and then do so with their kids.

Oscar Prospects:

I think Weinstein may have another potential Oscar winner on its hands, but at the very least an Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature.

Release Date:

  • March 30, 2012