Preview: A Cat in Paris (2012)


A cat burglar and his burgling cat help a young girl escape and take down a ruthless crook who killed her father and now seeks to do the same to her.

  • Poster: B


For the unitiated, this design might encourage a few people to sit down to the film, but all animated films are not equal in the marketplace and this poster just isn't going to do enough.

  • Trailer: C+


Unless you know of the film already from its Oscar run or are enamored with the unusual design elements, this trailer is going to push audiences away more than drag them in. And dubbing the actors into English might work for Miyazaki, but the effort here doesn't seem all that spectacular.

Oscar Prospects:

This was a 2011 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature.

Release Date:

  • June 1, 2012