Preview: The Central Park Five (2012)


Five black youths are at the center of an investigation into the rape of a white woman in Central Park, a real life case that gripped the city of New York that saw increasing pressure on the police force to bring to justice the five teenagers even though they weren't guilty.

  • Poster: B+


The scales of justice tipped towards New York City at the expense of five youths. It's a powerful image. The black-and-white design of the poster may be a bit much.

  • Trailer: B


The case is one with tragic consequences and explains how a city gripped by fear could turn to supposition over truth to assuage its own trepidation. The trailer promises an evocative look at the failures of the justice system in protecting five innocent young men.

Oscar Prospects:

Ken Burns hasn't been a huge hit with the Academy for some time, largely because his work has focused on the small screen. However, this seems like just the kind of film to bring him back into the limelight.

Release Date:

  • November 23, 2012