Preview: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The final film in the popular rebooted Batman franchise finds Bruce Wayne questioning his status as a crime fighter and whether he has what it takes to continue down the path he has chosen.

  • Poster: A


I've always been fascinated with natural or even artificial objects fashioned to reveal a background image. Much like Rorschach ink blots, these posters engage the imagination and when done well encourage debate and display.

  • Trailer: B- / B+ / B+


For a teaser trailer, this one is pretty damned good. You get a brief soliloquy from Gary Oldman and a few snippets from the film capping with the image from the teaser poster.

In spite of being a fairly standard trailer, the pacing, revelation and simplicity add to an overall pleasing whole. Any fan of the franchise will be instantly taken in and Anne Hathaway's sultry drlivery only enhances the decision to choose her as Catwoman.

The slow, quiet start is an interesting facet in an already-interesting series of trailers. The slowly building crescendo is more dramatic in a theatrical environment, but it plays the films strengths and weaknesses very well.

Oscar Prospects:

Certainly a contender for several tech awards including Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects. Nominations for Editing, Cinematography, Art Direction and Original Score are also distinct possibilities.

Release Date:

  • July 20, 2012