Preview: Dark Shadows (2012)


Tim Burton brings the campy daytime soap to the big screen.

  • Poster: C


When the last gothic-styled comedy hit the marketplace (Addams Family), the design work of the advertising was impeccable. Here, we just have something that looks cheap and unusual.

  • Trailer: C+


When you have the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp brand, you can't expect something utterly different. There was a point in time where Burton would have been considered eclectic with a unique vision, now he seems to have defined himself and his films something that's almost generic. The trailer doesn't make this wants-to-be-campy seriocomedy look like anything new or interesting, which could be a problem.

Oscar Prospects:

Art Direction and Costume Design are certain nominees, but I think the Summer release will ensure the film isn't taken too seriously in other categories.

Release Date:

  • May 11, 2012