Preview: Darling Companion (2012)


When a woman discovers an injured dog on the side of the road and adopts him, her husband finds the entire affair questionable and doesn't seem to care when the dog escapes into the forest.

  • Poster: C


Appealing to dog lovers is a positive first step, but this is a horrendously boring poster with nothing truly exciting and a pose from the dog that isn't even "aww"-inducing.

  • Trailer: C-


I'm not sure if trailer designers are getting less talented or running out of ideas, but this is the second bland and mirthless trailer I've looked at this week and isn't even the first of the year. I don't see how anyone watching this trailer would be excited about seeing this movie. And I don't think I've ever seen Kevin Kline and Diane Keaton looking so unfunny.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • April 20, 2012