Preview: The Details (2012)


A philandering husband finds pleasure with other women, yet doesn't realize the beauty and love he has at home.

  • Poster: C-


A depressed-looking Tobey Maguire (does he have any other expressions) accompanied by only two of this three paramours (note: only the white ones) just isn't spicy enough. It's also not very clever or funny.

  • Trailer: C


Why is it that everything I see Tobey Maguire in looks unbelievably stiff and boring. He can be a good actor (Just look at The Ice Storm), but for some reason, he's trading on his doughy-eyed gaze to sell tickets and for me that doesn't work. The film's premise seems outdated and unexciting even if there's promise of an interesting framing device.

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Release Date:

  • November 2, 2012