Preview: The Dictator (2012)


Sacha Baron Cohen takes on the role of a petty dictator from a small Arab country no one's ever heard of, milking the dislike for this fictional country by coming to the U.S. and causing all sorts of problems.

  • Poster: C


A fake portrait of a fake dictator. It's not even remotely witty. And for a comedy, that's a fairly stupid idea.

  • Trailer: C- / C


It's labelled as a documentary, but unlike his prior two "character" outings, Cohen's film doesn't look much like a documentary and simply looks like a live action mockup of a Team America parody.

Giving us more information about the film is both good and bad. It's good that we finally get to see what the film intends to do with its running time. It's bad that what it plans to do doesn't look more than passably amusing.

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Release Date:

  • May 18, 2012