Preview: Flight (2012)


A heroic pilot who saved a plane full of passengers from a deadly crash landing, is prosecuted after it's discovered that he had a slightly elevated blood-alcohol content.

  • Poster: (B) / C


(I have to give points to posters that take a brave stance on design. This interesting selection isn't the most captivating design I've seen, but at least it doesn't stick too closely to formulaic styles.)

It seems that if you want to get creativity in a poster design, look to the teasers, not the finished product. Like the designs for Wreck-It Ralph, the initial poster is creative and interesting, the second design is pointlessly unoriginal.

  • Trailer: C


I'm sure it has the potential for greatness, but the trailer is so poorly constructed that it feels like a generic exercise in massaging audience egos.

Oscar Prospects:

A lot depends on how critics like the film. It has Oscar-bait written all over it and I'm sure Denzel Washington will receive some chatter as a Best Actor nominee, but right now I'm doubtful.

Release Date:

  • November 2, 2012