Preview: The Flowers of War (2012)


An American priest in China finds himself protecting a group of troubled women as the Japanese invade China in 1937.

  • Poster: B-


It's a pretty design, but fairly vacuous. It has plenty of film-centric images to tie it into the picture without finding an inventive method of execution.

  • Trailer: B-


The film refuses to avoid conventional storytelling elements pitting war against "innocence" with the potential for betrayal and redemption. The trialer doesn't suggest anything more than a passive historical saga that will be engaging without being foreward thinking.

Oscar Prospects:

The film was submitted for the Foreign Language Film Oscar, but the film didn't make the final short list, which could be a testament to the fact that there's too much English language dialogue. Maybe they used it all in the trailer, but it doesn't sound like a foreign lingo pic to me. Although it wasn't on the Academy's nine-film final shortlist for the Foreign Language Film Oscar, it did release in time to be considered for other categories. Only Art Direction and Costume Design seem like feasible categories and even that is pushing it.

Release Date:

  • January 20, 2012