Preview: Friends With Kids (2012)


Two couples share their thought son parenthood and raising a family as their two other friends decide to make a clinical decision and have a baby together without the hassle of marriage. To the chagrin of their friends, they make the relationship work, but despite having active dating lives outside of their relationship, their friends push them towards unifying in something other than a platonic, mother-father relationship.

  • Poster: C


I'm really not sure how this poster ties well into the film. It may be a clever play on the film's theme, but it also seems divorced from the proceedings. The generic listing and imaging of the actors doesn't add to its overall design.

  • Trailer: B


There are some funny actors in the film, but the formulaic nature of the storytelling, or what's evinced in the trailer, doesn't inspire the viewer into perceiving their in for something special. Yet, the slight twist to the genre may be enough to pique interest in the right circles.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • March 9, 2012