Preview: The Grey (2012)


After a plane crashes over the frozen arctic, a band of men struggle to survive against the unrelenting wilderness and its predators.

  • Poster: C


I know that Liam Neeson is a selling tool these days, but does his face have to be so big? It's not much of a poster when you're in that extreme a close-up.

  • Trailer: C; C+; C-


The first trailer keeps some of the suspense high trying to keep this a one-man film. It may work to an extent considering Neeson's draw power.

However, the second trailer suggests that while Neeson is a strong character, there are others in the film that might be interesting to watch, though they make no bones about this being Neeson's show.

There isn't much changed from the previous preview. They have, however, added notices from "critics" using a bizarre, forced-modern use of @'s and hashtags. Not a very inventive use of modern terminology on a film that's likely to appeal to older audiences before younger ones.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • January 27, 2012