Preview: Hope Springs (2012)


An aging couple finds the romance gone from their marriage and although he doesn't see the problem, she decides to take them to couples counseling in hopes of spicing up and strengthening their marriage.

  • Poster: D+


Hopelessly generic. The design is as staid and lackluster as any dozen of other similar films. One doesn't look at it and go "ooh, there's a movie I want to see" they look at it and the six others in the multiplex and hopefully key in on the Streep, Jones and Carell names and decide to check it out anyway.

  • Trailer: B


The trailer is a bit more engaging than the poster simply by the mere presence of the comic talents of Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones (Steve Carell's also there, but he seems oddly unfunny in the trailer). Streep and Jones convey quickly a lived-in relationship that desires fixing and while Streep steals much of the trailer's scenes, Jones picks up the slack with some killer dialogue at the end. This should be an undeniably attractive premise to a lot of older couples, though younger auiences might not turn out as readily.

Oscar Prospects:

There will be the inevitable talk of another Oscar nomination for Streep. Those calls will likely be ignored. After winning her third trophy last year, the Academy's membership may finally start shifting consideration to other worthy contenders. This film also doesn't have the gravitas a lot of her other pictures had (or at least the outlandish characters) that have generated her consideration. Jones, on the other hand, might be in line for another nomination, but may have to accept raves from critics in lieu of an Oscar nomination if his co-star isn't also picked.

Release Date:

  • August 10, 2012