Preview: The Hunger Games (2012)


Based on the popular young adult novel about a futuristic society where teenage children must fight to the death for the pleasure of a sadistic capital city.

  • Poster: B+


It's a simple image, but for anyone who knows the story, it's an instantly recognizable emblem. And if you aren't familiar with the mocking jay now, you will be.

  • Trailer: B; A-


The trailer doesn't give enough information to a casual viewer about the film, but fans of the books will be instantly hooked by this trailer. It's a bit too simple and I'm hoping for a better trailer later, but this is a nice appetite-whetter.

I'm still somewhat skeptical about the film's potential to be as thrilling as the book, but this trailer gives me hope. It's compelling, pensive and most of all, not your typical brainless least that's how it looks so far.

Oscar Prospects:

It's too early to tell as the story is very dark and quite emotionally charged, which would normally play well to the Academy. But the film, which is likely to push for a PG-13 rating to reach as many young readers as possible, may be too disinfected to appeal to the Academy.

Release Date:

  • March 23, 2012