Preview: Hyde Park on the Hudson (2012)


As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt hosts an intimate gathering with his wife Eleanor and King George VI of England and his wife Queen Elizabeth, Roosevelt engages in an intimate love affair with his distant cousin.

  • Poster: B-


The poster may be a bit too affable for the proceedings, but the trailer does make this seem like a comedy of errors even if it isn't technicaly humorous. The design works to an extent, especially for those curious about Bill Murray taking on such a significant part.

  • Trailer: B


Murray doesn't sound or look too terribly unlike FDR, so I'm curious what he will do with a full performance since the trailer robs us of that. Laura Linney looks out of place, but the performance I'm most intrigued in is Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt. The trailer does a nice job selling what could have been seen as a stuffy period piece to a wider audience.

Oscar Prospects:

The buzz has already started for this film with Murray seeming to take most of the speculation, but even if Murray doesn't end up a nominee, I think Olivia Williams may be a solid contender for an Oscar even for her portrayal if the preview is to be believed. The film could also contend in other major categories if critics like it and Art Direction and Costume Design are also possible.

Release Date:

  • December 7, 2012