Preview: The Intouchables (2012)


A white invalid takes on a poor, impatient black caregiver to help push him to his limits and provide the kind of companionship a more modest and submissive nurse wouldn't be able to provide.

  • Poster: C


For an emotional piece, going too bold would have seemed crass, but here they've gone so vanilla that it looks like a negligible film.

  • Trailer: A-


It just seems so blatantly manipulative that I'm surprised it also seems so charming. Much of that success is thanks to its charismatic leads, who make the relationship look strong in such a small set of clips.

Oscar Prospects:

I had thought another film would end up as France's submission to the Oscars, but now that I've seen this trailer, I have no doubt this will be their entry and I think it could very well be the winner.

Release Date:

  • May 25, 2012