Preview: Jack Reacher (2012)


A homicide detective seeks answers to a five-victim sniping spree.

  • Poster: C


Yes, we know it's a film starring Tom Cruise, but is that all you can sell the film on? That's not very promising.

  • Trailer: C- / B


After numerous missteps at the box office, Cruise's success with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol last year seems to have revitalized his attempts to be a box office behemoth again. The problem is this trailer is dreadfully boring, lacking an engaging thread and featuring little action excitement for an audience who will undoubtedly crave it.

The first trailer made me ask what the point of the film was. It wasn't exciting or engaging and mostly just left me wondering why. This second trailer gives us information on the plot that was absent from the first trailer and makes it look like a much more interesting film. While I can't say this is a film I want to see as of yet, I'm more inclined to watch it now than I was before.

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Release Date:

  • December 21, 2012