Preview: John Carter (2012)


An adaptation of the popular Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi novel series finds the title character visiting Mars where he must save the native people from an encroaching doom.

  • Poster: (D+); D-


(Poster no longer available) The lettering design work is interesting, but the rest of the poster lacks inventiveness, depth or passion.

What little creativity existed in the first poster is exsanguinated in the second poster, even if it overplays the reddish design.

  • Trailer: C; B; D


The trailer makes the film look like your standard, throw-away Disney action adventure lacking depth.

The choice of music in the second trailer adds a layer of excitement that embellishes the glossy imagery that accompanies the film. If you were disinterested to start, the second trailer won't easily change your mind, but it's a start.

The promise of the second trailer is utterly squandared in the third trailer that looks like a scaled back, over-length, self-indulgent mess. For those who aren't terribly interest to begin with, there's little doubt that this third trailer will push them farther away. What happened to the fantastic music that accompanied the second trailer? This trailer's soundtrack is terrible

Oscar Prospects:

Releasing early in the year will probably keep it out of most tech races including Visual Effects and the sound categories.

Release Date:

  • March 9, 2012