Preview: Lincoln (2012)


As the U.S. Civl War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln must wrestle with a reluctant cabinet in his fight to bring freedom to slaves around the fractured nation.

  • Poster: C


I read a dissertation from another critic dismantling the arguments that this is indeed a magnificent poster. While some of the source's suppositions are interesting, they aren't sufficiently notable to the average viewer. And no matter how artistic you claim a work is, you can't actually make it better.

  • Trailer: A-


This is the best constructed and most exciting Spielberg trailer in some years. It looks like a very engrossing historical lesson and suggests Spielberg may finally be returning to the greatness he's struggled within the last decade.

Oscar Prospects:

It is currently the lead contender for a number of Oscars this year and if the trailer is any indication, Spielberg could be back at the podium.

Release Date:

  • November 16, 2012