Preview: Middle of Nowhere (2012)


An aspiring medical professional puts her career on hold to wait for her incarcerated husband without realizing how much her dependance on him is hurting her.

  • Poster: A-


This is an example of a simple design can evocatively and effectively convey the film's premise. One man remainds in the young woman's mind as another man enters her vision. It's a compelling design and may end up one of the best of the year.

  • Trailer: B


Avoiding some of the excessively amusing anecdotes of films in this particular genre, the simple beauty and potential emotional resonance makes for intriguing potential. That it picked up the director's prize at Sundance seems to confirm that observation.

Oscar Prospects:

Sundance is one of the poorest corollaries to Oscar consideration there is among early festivals. That festival gives the film's chances a small nudge, but it will take rapturous critic praise to make it anything of a contender.

Release Date:

  • October 12, 2012