Preview: One for the Money (2012)


A recently fired lingerie saleswoman decides to try and cut it as a bounty hunter. When one of her quarries is an ex-romantic interest from high school, the war of emotions takes forefront.

  • Poster: D+


This is such a bland poster design with no film-specific imagery (at least none that isn't rudimentary at best). And Heigl, now brunette, isn't likely to be the thing that sells the film.

  • Trailer: C+


The title is going to provide plenty of fodder for critics wanting to exact pun damage on their public. And looking at the trailer, I can't say I'd disagree with their potential use of the phrasing. However, there are a few rather amusing elements involved, but they could be the only good moments in a dreadful film.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • January 27, 2012