Preview: The Other Dream Team (2012)


While the U.S. professional basketball team to the Olympics was making its celebrated debut, a little known team from Lithuania was using the Olympics as its jumping off point for independence from the Soviet Union with the help of the Grateful Dead.

  • Poster: A-


A documentary with an imaginative poster design is a rare thing. Using the colors of the lithuanian flag and a symbolic representation of the influence of The Dead make this one of the most evocative designs in recent memory.

  • Trailer: B+


Instead of just reciting the facts, the creators of this trailer have cobbled together a compelling look at an intriguing subject matter. While it won't appeal across the board, even those who are reticent to give documentaries their time might be influenced to give it a shot.

Oscar Prospects:

It's just the kind of uplifting political documentary the Academy would have once loved to recognize. These days, the politics may be too foreign to be of much interest, but it remains a strong contender for a nomination.

Release Date:

  • September 28, 2012