Preview: The Paperboy (2012)


A group of newspaper men try to help a worried wife clear her husband's name in the murder of a local sheriff.

  • Poster: D+


The trailer makes this look like Nicole Kidman is a stronger presence and the poster puts the more marketable but negligible Zac Efron front and center. What's worse is that John Cusack has a meaty role and his face is almost obscured by an overzealous crop of his face trying to convey some menace.

  • Trailer: D


Lee Daniels' follow up to Precious doesn't look particularly interesting. The trailer is crudely constructed, gives away too many plot details and lets the droning faux Southern accents take away from any gravitas the characters are supposed to have. If you can't bare listening to the trailer, how could you stand to listen to the entire film.

Oscar Prospects:

Before the negative reviews came out of the festival circuit, this was supposed to be a chance for Daniels to prove he wasn't a one-trick pony. At this point, it looks like he probably will be.

Release Date:

  • October 5, 2012