Preview: Paul Williams Still Alive (2012)


For years, a rumor circulated that Paul Williams, legendary songwriter of the 1970's, was dead. He did nothing to dissuade those rumors. Now, a documentary filmmaker is following him around the country to show just how alive he is and how remarkable his career was.

  • Poster: C-


For such an exuberant and intriguing character, this poster is rather lifeless.

  • Trailer: B-


Whether you know who Paul Williams is or not, his impact on movie music in the 1970's was amazing and to this day. The trailer does a good job explaining Williams to the audience, but may not have made the most effective case for anyone to watch it.

Oscar Prospects:

This is the kind of pigeon-holed industry-based documentary that the Academy loves to ignore.

Release Date:

  • June 1, 2012