Preview: The Pirates: Band of Misfits (2012)


A down-on-his-luck pirates captain longs to win the vaunted Pirates of the Year contest and embarks on a strange journey to prove his worth.

  • Poster: C-


This is a fairly typical design with nothing particularly excellent in evidence. It might appeal heavily to children, but I'm not so sure adults will see it as anything more than a kids film with this kind of poster.

  • Trailer: B-; B+


I can't review the first trailer without cmparing it to the second. Whereas the second trailer features a number of rather funny gags, including a cute little mute monkey, the first trailer lacks the type of laughs I would expect from an Aardman Animation film.

Aardman's style of stop-motion claymation is more loosely humorous than the films of Pixar. This trailer showcases the visual flair and capabilities of the Aardman team when it comes to creating lasting comic treasures.

Oscar Prospects:

Always list an Aardman film as a contender for Animated Feature even if it doesn't get nominated.

Release Date:

  • March 30, 2012