Preview: Prometheus (2012)


Ridley Scott returns to the franchise that launched a noted career in this prequel to his legendary sci-fi horror film Alien.

  • Poster: B


Sometimes a simple image works better than an overzealous one. It's hard to put your finger on precisely why this film works, whether it's the titanic head or the solitary adventurer, but it does.

  • Trailer: B / B-


Too much imagery is almost as frustrating as too little. With dozens of cuts from the film, this trailer still manages to pull a level of interest from its target audience without even a hint of plot.

Although this reminds me a good deal of the first trailer, I have begun to get the feeling that the film's not going to live up to expectations. Ridley Scott hasn't given us anything great in a long time and he's now a mainstream director as opposed to a niche director back when Alien was first made. The film also looks more slick than the extra-gritty of the first two films.

Oscar Prospects:

The film could be in a good position for a Visual Effects nomination and possibly even mentions in Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. Even Art Direction isn't out of the realm of possibility, but the film's performance will likely be confined to the creative categories.

Release Date:

  • June 8, 2012