Preview: Promised Land (2012)


A salesman for a major energy corporation attempts to convince a small town's residents that his company's hydraulic fracturing will make them wealthy beyond their imaginations. A local farmer follows them and attempts to dissuade the residents from supporting the corporation's greed at their own expenses.

  • Poster: C


The term "promised land" conjures up different images in the viewer's mind than the film is trying to convey and this pastoral design may fleece a number of people into the theater, but will it be sufficient?

  • Trailer: B


Soon to be eliciting cries of liberal bias, the film that positions itself squarely against fracking will undoubtedly be aided by the homespund genuine nature of Matt Damon whose redemption plays a key part of the film's narrative.

Oscar Prospects:

This is one of those "important" films whose mass appeal may prevent it from being much of a contender. Releasing late in the year will position it well for Oscar consideration, but it looks a bit too fluffy for real contention. However, if critics manage to suppor it, there's always the possibility it could be a player.

Release Date:

  • December 28, 2012