Preview: Red Dawn (2012)


A band of young adults must stand together against a surprise invading force and take back the country they love.

  • Poster: C


Doing a different style edge isn't new, but in a sea of solid-edged posters, it's not a bad decision. However, the content of the rest of the poster is too generic. You might even be able to re-title the film: Kids with Guns and sell more tickets.

  • Trailer: C-


Minining the 1980's for remakes seems to have hit a nadir. Not only is Red Dawn one of the least remembered popular films of the '80s, the subject is also more than twenty years out of date. Sure, they've replaced the Communist Russians with Communist North Koreans, but the concept is much the same. They could have gone a different route with this, but I guess you get what you pay for. I feel bad for the talented cast stuck in the film.

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Release Date:

  • November 21, 2012