Preview: Rock of Ages (2012)


The acclaimed Broadway musical, about two young lovers trying to make it big in the big city, makes its way to the big screen.

  • Poster: C+


Although it's a simple poster design, it's stylish enough to draw the attention of passers-by. The names listed might not do well selling the film, but the poster might help a little.

  • Trailer: B- / C+


Using classic rock staples of the 1980's, the trailer uses those snippets well and may be a fine tool to put butts in the seats, but the trailer's also a bit garbled at times never really pointing where the film plans to go.

Everything seems so formulaic in the second trailer. The humor's very shallow, though the music is engaging. It's still going to be something to see, but I'm not as interested as I was originally.

Oscar Prospects:

Sound Mixing is the only possible category in which the film will contend as I don't know if there are original songs written for the film version.

Release Date:

  • June 15, 2012