Preview: A Royal Affair (2012)


A country doctor falls in love with the queen of a mad Danish king throwing their relationship and the affairs of state into turmoil.

  • Poster: B-


The design is straight forward and quite fitting, having one hand prominently displayed and the other surreptitiously avoidant. The background isn't that interesting and the full-body image seems unnecessarily large.

  • Trailer: B+


The film looks like an involving period drama sure to keep the audience engaged and enticed. That it's in Danish might depress turnout, but after seeing the trailer, I hope more people will give it a chance.

Oscar Prospects:

Denmarks' submission for this year's Foreign Language Film award could be a contender. It looks like the kind of film the Academy has always loved and with its prominent festival wins, I believe this one could at least end up on the final, pre-nomination short list.

Release Date:

  • November 9, 2012