Preview: Ruby Sparks (2012)


A blocked writer finally discovers a subject that he can wrap his mind around only to discover that he has inadvertently given life to the character he's writing and she's not just in his imagination.

  • Poster: B-


It's interesting sometimes how a clever concept can be so blandly that it's almost bland by association. That's how the Ruby Sparks poster plays out. The concept of a woman drawn directly from the page fits perfectly to the theme of the film, yet the color selection and layout is unnecessarily generic.

  • Trailer: C+


There are parts of the trailer that look like they might be fun, but for the most part, everything about the film seems old hat, lacking a narrative creativity that might sustain an otherwise interesting plot.

Oscar Prospects:

The film's directors managed to earn their prior effort, Little Miss Sunshine, several Ocsar nominations, but can lightning strike twice? I'm dubious at this juncture.

Release Date:

  • July 25, 2012