Preview: Side by Side (2012)


A number of prominent and newcomer filmmakers explore the benefits and detriments of making movies on film or digitally.

  • Poster: D


There is absolutely nothing going on with this poster and it doesn't really tell anyone looking at it what it's about. What keeps it from getting an F is the sheer magnitude of the names on display on the poster.

  • Trailer: B+


If you're at all a cinema buff, this documentary should be a vital part of the continuing dialogue over the advent of digital filmmaking and its destruction of the film stock medium.

Oscar Prospects:

I think this could be a key player at this year's Oscars, though the Academy has been gun shy about industry-specific examinations before, so it will be the uphill climb of getting nominated that it must overcome. If it is, a win might be an easier sell.

Release Date:

  • August 17, 2012