Preview: Sound of My Voice (2012)


A pair of journalists infiltrate a cult to find out what's going on with this mysterious woman who claims to be from the future, yet they begin to fall under her spell the longer they pursue their lead.

  • Poster: C+


This is the kind of design that typically accompanies science-fiction films or action dramas. I wouldn't expect something like this for a simple relationship drama. There are some sci-fi elements in the trailer, but it's fairly modern, which makes the design rather confusing.

  • Trailer: B+


Looking at cults from a different perspective gives this drama a fresher take than a lot of films, though exploration of the cult mentality isn't handled nearly as often as it probably should be. The film looks like it could be most interesting even if from a psychological investigation perspective.

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Release Date:

  • April 27, 2012