Preview: Sparkle (2012)


A talented young songwriter and her sisters attempt to break into the Motown scene with their talented vocal act.

  • Poster: C-


You can't really tell it's Jordin Sparks and not likely that she would sell it anyway. It looks fairly showtune-y, which might appeal to some, but the Motown flavor isn't very prominent and it could be seen as a modern-set story. The design is clunky and uninspired.

  • Trailer: C


What I was struck by when watching this was how much it resembled Dreamgirls, which itself was inspired by the story of The Supremes. Here, the performances don't look as interesting, the similarties to Dreamgirls just increase the more the trailer progresses and only those curious about the final performance of Whitney Houston will head out to the theater.

Oscar Prospects:

As always, Whitney Houston's death will prompt speculation of a posthumous Oscar nomination. There was talk before her death that her comeback could get Oscar consideration. That chatter will only increase, but will ultimately amount to nothing. Her best bet is some nominations in the Original Song category, which I see as an increasing possibility.

Release Date:

  • August 17, 2012