Preview: Take This Waltz (2012)


A young woman struggles to accept her marriage to her husband in the face of a new man in her life who seems to have the romanticism she feels she lacks in her marriage.

  • Poster: D+


You know that most directors don't have input on their poster designs because I can't imagine Sarah Polley letting something this generic and indistinguishable pass.

  • Trailer: B / B-


Sarah Polley is one of those directors who doesn't take traditional approaches to stories, so I'm already sold on the film. Yet, the trailer does a nice job setting this up as an unconventional drama about the nature of love and relationships.

I'll give the trailer credit for being something a bit different. Usually, when you hear dialogue over images, it will transition shortly into an image of the character talking. This one lets that linger through most of the trailer for finally revealing Michelle Williams. It's a bit jarring at first, which won't win it many friends; that and it want to seem like it's about something and not appeal to some broader audience. It works, but not in a sense more expanded than niche interest.

Oscar Prospects:

Polley's prior film (Away from Her) earned its star Julie Christie an Oscar nomination and several precursor awards along with an Adapted Screenplay nomination. I see this film as being a potential figure in this year's Oscar race as long as critics take a shine to it. Michelle Williams, at least, has to be considered a potential contender.

Release Date:

  • June 29, 2012