Preview: Total Recall (2012)


A remake of the well known Arnold Schwarzeneggar film finds Colin Farrell who tries to get away from his life on a mental vacation, but ends up beginning to confuse the two worlds.

  • Poster: (A) / C


(There are some generic elements to the poster design, but the combination of pleasing colors and clever visual plot association makes for a more strategic, less ordinary design.)

Why they had to get rid of a perfectly excellent poster for a dumbed down, sophomoric effort is beyond me. The design isn't terribly inspirational, inventive or notable.

  • Trailer: C- / C / B-


It's a teaser for a different trailer. I'm not particularly impressed. Some of the images are interesting and I much prefer Farrell to Schwarzeneggar, but I can't get past how unnecessary such a thing is.

The trailer the teaser was teasing wasn't terribly pleasing. Some very slipshod visual effects accompany an interesting premise with little hope for depth, especially when so much is focused on action and to little on plot. It could be an ok time-waster, but so far it doesn't have a lot of outside promise.

Normally, I don't like trailers that are predominantly action-oriented, but this one reveals just enough plot tidbits to make it look like an intriguing film and were the action sequences further muted, it might even be an exceptional trailer.

Oscar Prospects:

Arnie's film received two Oscar nominations for Sound and Sound Editing and received a special achievement award for Visual Effects. I see those same categories being this film's only opportunities.

Release Date:

  • August 3, 2012