Preview: Trouble with the Curve (2012)


An aging baseball scout with worsening eyesight sets out on his final scouting mission accompanied by his determined, loving daughter.

  • Poster: C


At this stage of the game, all you really need to sell your film is Clint Eastwood. While the film might not appeal to many outside of the aging demo, fans of baseball get a sufficient hint about the film's subject that they might just show up.

  • Trailer: C+


I'm not a baseball fan and never have been, so the film itself doesn't appeal to me. However, the edit of this trailer makes it look modestly appealing without being overly sappy or cutesy. There are hints that it will be more uniquely observed, though that may be lost on those most likely to check the film out. The love affair aspect does seem a bit out of least they didn't have Eastwood's character fall in love, then all the cliches would be there.

Oscar Prospects:

Another film that could be bolstered by a longtime star's wattage. Eastwood supposedly retired from acting, but here he is again and the Academy could again take notice. More sentimental than his prior bait attempt, he's bolstered by Amy Adams who will have another high profile Oscar contender this year to increase her visibility and possibly nab her a nod for this film or the other and support a potential win that some would consider overdue.

Release Date:

  • September 21, 2012